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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Don’t believe in astrology?

Well start getting into it, you are a child of the Universe

you are made of stardust and are part of the cosmos!

Your birth-chart is so much more than your basic sun sign. Astrology can relieve so much about your core, why you are the way you are, the challenges you will be faced with this lifetime and any gifts, talents and powers you were born with.

Everyone knows their basic Sign, but you are so much more than just your Sun sign, you have different planets, houses and degrees that all contribute to the making of your souls DNA.

There’s your Moon which is all about your inner world (your emotions) and how you express them. this is the you who's alone by yourself, you would be in your moon sign.

Venus is all about love, how you give and receive love and also what you find attractive in a partner. So this would be expressed in your love language, the partners you are attracted to and how you receive love.

Rising is your social personality, how you deal with your environment and your physical appearance. Your ascendent sign sets the tone for your birth chart and it is also the personality people first see when meeting you as it is your social mask.

Mercury is all about how you communicate, receive information and how you learn. This is the logical and analytical side of you, and how you speak.

Mars is all about your drive, your overall energy, your sexual energy and how you assert yourself and get your goals done. This is planet that rules your rage, what's fuels your fire, how you like to engage sexual and how you project yourself in the world.

Your North Node, South Node and your Midheaven relieve a great deal about your past karma and what your soul purpose is in this lifetime.

Your North Node is your destiny in this lifetime, your Dhrama

Your South Node is what karma you are healing this lifetime.

Your Midheaven is your soul purpose in this lifetime, what career will be aligned to your soul and how others see professionally.

And then there’s your Sun sign just shining through and brightening up your whole chart.

You have so many different planets in your chart and so many houses, each one playing a significant part in the making of your personality and your ego.

For example being a Sagittarius Sun and Mercury with Gemini rising, my communication is very blunt, honest, and rash. Having knowledge of your birth chart helps give insight to experiences and lessons you are meant to have this lifetime.

Over the years learning how to work with all the different energies and planets in my birth chart has helped me be able to manifest faster, know myself and my path better, know what lessons I’ve signed up to learn so I can make the adjustments needed so the same patterns and lessons don’t keep repeating. Sometimes you’re not to blame, you can blame it on your chart, after all you were born that way!

Your chart is so detailed and so complex that sometimes you require two readings done to figure who the hell you are at the core, such was the case with mine when I had my chart read. Before you reincarnated, you chose when you would be born and into what environment. You signed up for all the experiences and lessons you are currently experiencing in this school called life. Earth is the only dimension with free will so we are always first tested, then given the lesson and experience needed.

We are so connected to the Universe, we are ancient souls expressing life on Earth, it’s important to know your birth-chart so when the planets are aligned or in retrograde you can know how to assert your energy accordingly. It’s important to know when your Saturn return is as that will greatly affect your life, if you’re not prepared or have no idea what’s happening, you will think you are losing your mind. These are things you cannot escape so you might as well be informed and know how to deal.

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