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Full Moon Ritual

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Full moons are magical and super powerful. They are all about releasing and letting go that’s why emotions surface and things get intense. Especially as women, we’re very attuned to the energy of the moon so it’s very important to learn to work with her cycles.

The moon rules our emotions and the tides, the human body is more than 60% water, and this is why full moons really affect you in a big way if you don’t know how to ground your energy during this time.

Full moons are also a time of harvest, whatever intentions you set on the new moon, look to see where your progress is at by the time of the full moon. Depending on your manifesting powers and how you work with the power of the moon, you can manifest your wishes and desires from the new moon to the full moon. It’s all energy so you can manifest rapidly if you are in alignment, that’s all it is.

The Universe gives you all the tools you need to make your wishes, dreams and desires come true, you just have to do your part in finding those tools and learning to work with them. You are part of the cosmos, you are made of stardust so learn to work with the free tools given to you by the Universe.

Full Moon Ritual:

Start with cleansing and clearing yourself and your space.

Sage or Palo Santo are both great for this or take a salt bath.

Charge your crystals and make moon water!!!!

Use your divination tools to connect with your Angels and Guides.

Meditate, write a list of all you’re ready to release and light a candle.

Go under the full moon, read your list to the moon and burn it in sacred fire, then release the ashes in water if possible, so the tides may wash away all your worries, stress and whatever is holding you back.

This has become one of my favourite rituals, it is so healing. There’s just something about being under the energy of the moon and stars that makes you feel some type of way.

Full Moon Mantras

I am ready to release all that no longer serves me

I am ready to receive all that is for my highest good

I am releasing the past, accepting the present and excited for the future

I release all stagnant energy from inside me, and invite in all that is new and exciting!

Happy Releasing!

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