Self Love

Updated: Jul 22

Theres’s nothing more important than self-love.

How do you honour yourself each day?

How do you align your mind, body and spirit?

How do you show gratitude for all you have?

Is it through journaling, mediation, yoga, music, dancing, singing, fitness or reconnecting with nature?

We live in a world obsessed with the idea of love while having no idea what real love actually is. All love first begins with self-love, you cannot love others if you do not love yourself. Humans think they know love but they put all kinds of conditions and expectations on what love is that they never actually experience unconditional love. They get stuck in karmic relationships and repeat the same patterns with different people. Every relationship and situation in your reality is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself, it all comes back to you! We tend to look for love in people, jobs, places and things but never want to look within. You are stuck with you for the rest of this lifetime, nobody else is guaranteed so you might as well learn to love every bit of you!

Self-love means forgiving yourself for all the past mistakes and taking only the lessons with you. It requires setting healthy boundaries, having a routine and taking accountability for your own actions. It requires being alone with your own energy and doing shadow work to really love all the dark parts of your soul as well as the light. All of us are born with light and dark, feminine and masculine energies. The merging and balancing of the two energies requires some deep soul work which unfortunately most humans don’t want to do because it means facing all your demons and feeling all you’ve ever suppressed. Yeah it’s no fun and it’s never ending work because there’s always triggers and more healing to be done but it needs to be done. That is why society is so fucked! Because people don’t want to do self healing, they look for others to fulfil whatever is missing. Some people move from relationship to relationship while never really being happy, they’re always searching for something more… guess what that something more is, it’s self-love!

We as a society need deep healing, we have years of conditioning and trauma built up in our DNA. In healing your wounds, trauma and working through your triggers, you are helping raise the whole vibration of the Universe, because everything is energy and you are part of that collective energy. This is so essential right now. Commit to a routine that makes you feel good, sing at the top of your lungs, laugh as much as you can, dance like no one is watching, smile always, be around people that uplift you and do anything that brings joy to your heart. Give love and embrace your inner child. This what the Universe is pushing all of humanity to do right now, to heal, grow, get to know your passions, gifts and talents. Find your bliss!

Stop looking for love on the outside and get to know you and your beautiful soul. Your soul is very old, full of wisdom, ancient knowledge and has a lot to teach you.

“ The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires”. -Rumi