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Soul Family Love

Why soul connections are different than other connections and why time has no relevance.

Ever meet someone and instantly feel drawn to them, like you’ve known them for your whole life?

Ever been with someone for years with no real love, passion or deep understanding?

The soul has no concept of time or rules, you are an ancient soul with many past lives so you’ve loved many souls prior to this lifetime. When you meet a member of your soul family, it’s not love at first sight, but soul recognition. Why they feel so familiar is because your souls are reuniting in this lifetime and picking up where they left off, the physical mind and body take a while to catch up. The soul knows your whole life plan, all the people you are to meet and all the experiences you are meant to have. It knows the souls it is meant to learn from, to love, to have experiences with, that is why you are drawn to people sometimes even though they might not even be your typical type or it might not be an ideal situation. The soul doesn’t care about any of that, it has its own agenda and if it is a Divinely guided connection, then it will keep guiding you back to them, no matter how far you run because you signed up to have this experience with another soul.

You are meant to learn to let go through most of these relationships, they come to change your course in life, shake up your world and change your perspective, once the contract made between the souls is fulfilled, they leave your life peacefully, unlike karmics which make it hard to end the connection. With soulmates there’s a deep understanding of each other and a deep trust from the start, they don’t intend to hurt you even if they trigger you. These relationships are open, honest, full of love, freedom and room for growth without dependancy. They are your guiding light in this world and serve a great purpose in your mission work and making you the best version of you possible!

Your soul family comes into your life to align you with your mission work and help you along the way as needed, not all are meant to stay for long. Most are short and sweet but they are always profound, loving and change your whole life in a massive way. You are not meant to make sense of these connections with your mind but rather to deeply open your heart and connect beyond the physical senses. These connections are strong in telepathy, dream work and signs and synchronicities unlike normal 3D relationships. This is why it is hard to explain the love felt because it won’t make sense to the human mind. It is not meant to, it is meant to push you out of the physical and into higher consciousness, it is to awaken you. With each soul connection you make, your heart chakra opens more and more, making it easier to love unconditionally and with no attachments. Which is what real love is, be grateful for all those who have come along and cracked open your heart by breaking it, for it is through those cracks that the light gets in to shine.

Souls connections are not based on how long you have known each other, or time spent. Time is irrelevant when it comes to matters of the heart, it only takes a moment for the soul to recognize its home in another. There are no accidental meetings in this world, no connection is by mistake.

“Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” - Paulo Coelho

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