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Spiritual Love Connections

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Love …

Why does this one word trigger so much in people?

Why is society so uncomfortable with Love?

Why do we always associate Love with romance?

Love is the very essence of your Being, what’s so scary about that? You were born of Love and born to spread more Love into the world. Love in its purest form is unconditional and the highest energy frequency in the Universe.

Love is not only romantic, there are so many different soul contracts we are each born with. From karmic to kindred spirits, to soulmates and twin flames. Each one comes with their own beautiful lessons and blessings. Each soul you meet has a purpose to serve on your journey and you should cherish each connection for all it comes to teach. Depending on how many reincarnations you’ve had and how evolved your soul is, you may have many soul mates in one lifetime and you may also meet your twin flame in the physical.

Soul mates can be anyone from a teacher that changes your life profoundly, a close friend, family member, coworker or a random stranger that changes your perception on life. These are souls who have signed contracts to meet you at certain stages in your life to help you along on your journey by bringing love, support, encouragement and healing. Soul mates are often very loving relationships, they feel familiar right away, you can be yourself with them and they understand you in ways other don’t. There is always a deep love from the start as you are part of the same soul family so your energies resonate closely and you’ve known each other from many past lives. They come to heal you, teach you all about self-love and they bring with them many gifts and blessings. You earn these connections by clearing and balancing your karma.

Karmic connections are wonderful connections to help you grow, evolve, clear and balance karma. They are not easy, it is a connection based on learning lessons you failed to learn in past lifetimes. They will push you, test you, reject you, and trigger all your dark emotions. They are your biggest blessing to clearing your karma. We are born into this life with some karma to balance so we all experience karmic connections and relationships, they are necessary for your soul growth. These connections start out intense with lots of passion and often times end very bad or are very hard to let go off. They are all about balancing karma and growth so they trigger whatever is unhealed within you, that’s the main purpose of the connection. They are not meant to be long lasting connections, but if you don’t learn your lesson, they will keep manifesting until you learn the lesson. This is why oftentimes people keep attracting the same type of relationships with the same end results. Until you learn all your lessons and change your patterns, the karmic wheel will keep repeating itself in different people and situations with the same lesson to learn. So never fault others in relationships, look at your own patterns and cycles. Our outer reality is a direct reflection of our inner world. So change always happens with you, you cannot change others, in healing yourself you then push others in your energetic field to raise their vibration and heal as well.

After much love lost, soul growth, lessons learnt about self love and unconditional love, we come to meet our twin flame. This connection is the highest form of love and it is unlike any other connection. Twin flames share the same soul. Soul mates are very close in energy resonance but not the same. The telepathy between the two is very strong, dreams are shared, signs and synchronicities hit you in the face like no other. It is truly a breathtaking, magical connection. You are meeting the other half of your soul, so yes it is very intense and powerful. This is often romanticize but this is the only connection that is spiritually based, not only romantic. Twin flames always have a mission to fulfill and that is the main purpose for this connection. It is the fastest way to ascension due to the fact that when the twins meet in the physical, their Chakras align and the Kundalini energy is activated for the both of them which clears and unblocks all the Chakras. This is the connection that brings about all your spiritual gifts naturally. It is not an easy connection by any means, it is a very life changing, soul shaking and earth shattering experience. It will make you question all you ever thought of love, life and your whole belief system begins to fall apart. If you’re lucky enough to experience this deep level of love, cherish it and take it for what it is, the biggest blessing from the Universe for your soul in the path to ascension and unconditional love. You will never be the same after meeting you twin, for they awaken something in you that will never sleep. It is a feeling of coming home to yourself, the other half of your soul. It is a connection that can only be understood when experienced, it can’t be defined with words. It is a connection full of magic and beauty.

Each connection is beautiful in its own way with each one bringing their own unique, wonderful blessings and gifts. We don’t ever meet anyone just by chance, there are no accidents in this world, it’s all fate and synchronicity! You don’t just attract good pure souls into your life, you earn them by doing the work and committing to your growth. So celebrate love whenever you can, be kind to all, show affection and express love always.

The world needs so much more of that!

"Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other"

-Paulo Coelho

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