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Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Kylee B

Over the course of several Reiki sessions with a few tarot sprinkled in, Mona has managed to ignite a fire in my soul that has altered my perception of the world unfolding around me. I was very new to spiritual work and didn't know what to expect going into my first session, but Mona guided me through some challenging elements that I had been stuck on and provided me with the tools to continue this work between sessions.

If you are even remotely curious about her services, or energetic healing in general, I highly encourage you to arrange an initial sessions with her. she has guided me to heal parts of me that I didn't even realize were in need of healing. Mona has without a doubt changed the course of my life and I thank my lucky stars for her every damn day.


This was an absolute life-changing session. Mona is great would be an understatement. She treats you like a friend and doesn't put a time cap on her sessions. 
There is cleansing, therapy, and a reading all included with laughs, smiles and absolutely no judgement and tons of understanding. Her energy is amazing and is excellent with Reiki. I felt light and felt my blocks removed instantly. I recommend her and definitely will keep seeing her. Her understanding and take on spirituality is incredible and explains it so well.

Brett M

This was my first time experiencing Reiki and I had such an amazing time. Mona explained everything before we began and made me feel comfortable about the process and what to expect. I have tried different forms of meditations and breathing exercises but this was nothing like it!
I could actually feel the energy flowing to and from and felt each chakra's vibrations so vividly, especially my third eye. 
The journey with Mona is something everyone needs to experience. I highly recommend!

Tash N

Where do I start? I cannot say enough good things about Mona and her work. When Mona is in a room you instantly feel her energy, there is a sense of calmness, assurance and light. I asked Mona to host an energy healing evening for myself and some friends which included sound bath, reiki and oracle card reading. Mona was able to really channel and work closely with a few of the girls that really needed guidance. 
She was able to provide clarity on the past, and brought healing and relief in the present and future. Your session with Mona doesn't end there, she also provides you with steps to work with and incorporate in your day to day so that you continue this path of healing and understanding. I have known Mona for a few years now and this is her path, she is so passionate in what she does that if reflects immensely in her work.


I have been struggling for a long while now with clouded thoughts and major head pain, been to multiple doctors with nothing working only pills being pushed. Mona has been the biggest blessing in my life, she is truly amazing at what she does. I've seen her only a few times now and I feel the best I have felt in 3 years. 
Mona is extremely intuitive and really is able to get down to the root of what's going on and help to heal. Everything I have experienced with her, tarot reading, oracle readings, singing bowls, reiki healing and chakra clearing has been absolutely life changing and extremely accurate. 
My last sessions with Mona, now that I have been working with her and following her instructions my chakras have slowly started to open. I was actually able to see her energy transfer during my session. I saw beautiful pink hearts exploding into another heart and realized after the session she was drawing hearts in the air and transferring to me. To see that was an amazing experience for both her an I. such a break through on how I have been feeling. I am so excited to continue this amazing journey with Mona. 
I would highly recommend Mona to anyone without hesitation.

Carlee G

Mona has a beautiful talent for healing. Her intuition and knowledge is evident and her kind, fun and gentle personality brings ease to her sessions. I have had multiple Reiki sessions and Tarot readings over the past months, her Reiki sessions have alleviated acute headaches and have always made me feel lighter and renewed. Within her Tarot readings, she shows a level of compassion and empathy that is undoubtable. The message that comes through is exactly what I need to hear which, she delivers in a gentle but firm manner.
Thank you Mona for your healing!

Sam M

Mona explored my many curiosities and affirmed what it is that I find of the greatest of joys in my life. To anyone seeking to be curious and wonder, Mona is an incredible, respectful, informing presence and healer to begin with.

I went into our session feeling very defeated and closed. I left another person. 5/5 recommend her guidance. It’s a special experience.


She's lovely with her kind and genuine nature, and she is really great at what she does. I was feeling really down before coming in, as this is a very negative time in general, and I went out feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders completely, and also gained some real good clarity to what was going on in my life. Highly recommend !

My wife and I went together. Mona is very kinda and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. After I spoke to her I felt very peaceful. I highly recommend her services.


Mona is hands down the best healer I've ever experienced. I've seen many different kinds in different realms and she is by far the one that has brought the most clarity. Not only is her treatment great for your chakras, but the car readings she does are also spot on and have helped me a lot in my life. Mona has such a warm personality and makes you feel comforted through the experience. Go see Mona to get all of your questions answered! Thank you Mona!!!!!

Mona is a gifted healer! The reiki was powerful, but calming and refreshing at the same time. It felt like an energetic 'reset' button that came at just the right moment for me. Very helpful. Her space is great, too.

Mona is absolutely wonderful. Her energy is calm and she always takes her time during our sessions. I never feel rushed and Mona happily answers any questions I may have and ensures that I leave feeling lighter. She is incredibly talented and intuitive, which results in her readings always being strikingly on-point. I highly recommend seeing Mona.

Mona is such an incredibly soothing individual to work with. She does an phenomenal job at making you feel comfortable, and calm prior to her work. She is personable, kind and takes time to explain things to you/answer your questions, which i appreciated, as a first time experiencer. I felt an immediate shift in my energy, which only got better as the rest of my day went on. I look forward to working with her on the rest of my journey. I highly recommend giving Mystical Rei Healing a try!

My session with Mona was incredible. She's a wonderful person and a beautiful soul. She's personable, kind, and compassionate, and very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and at ease with her right away. As she worked on me I could feel my energy shift and by the end of our session my body was buzzing. I cannot recommend her enough! Thanks again Mona!

Happy Go Lucky

I attended a sound bath at White Lotus in Port Moody conducted by Mona. What a fabulous experience. I have been to a few sound baths but Monas has been the best experience. Not only her sound ability but the neutral energy she brings to the space. She is very calming and her intuitive ability is obvious. I hight recommend her!! If you have been brought to her page or site or are reading this... id say this is your sign that she is the right fit for you and your goal.

I went to a Sound Bath last night, held by Mona from Mystical Rei Healing. The hour of sounds going through my ears, cleansing all of the outside noise, helped me centre for a little bit. Mona then had us pick a card from her deck, and spent time with each of us reading the card and sharing her intuitive thoughts on what that card represented for us. I was amazed at how Mona spent so much time with each person (there was about 14 of us), but didn't rush what she had to say, and listened intently to each person and his or her reaction. My friend and I were so impressed with this sound bath and readings that we have booked to see her next week.

Thank you, Mona, for sharing your gift and spark. The sound bath definitely calmed my flustery soul, and I am looking forward to coming back on the next New Moon


If Monas work has come into your awareness and you are hearing the call to receive from her- listen! I am so grateful to have found you Mona! I received so much clarity through our one session and I am looking forward to continue learning more about myself through you~ Mona really takes her time getting to know you. She is very intuitive, with beautiful welcoming energy and creates a space where you feel safe to truly open up to receive her guidance. Highly recommend! Thank you Mona!

Mona is an incredibly talented reiki master, healer and intuitive. She has a wonderful calm energy and after our first session, not only did I feel relaxed and lighter, but I gained a new sense of clarity I had never experienced before. I look forward to continuing my reiki journey with this beautiful soul. Thank you Mona!

Mona was so warm and welcoming and her space was fantastic. She makes you feel very at home If you get the chance to see her I’d highly recommend it. She definitely has a gift and does a great job getting to know you and sending and email of the summary of your visit afterwards which is very helpful. I can’t wait to go and see her again.

My experience with Mona was transformative. I went in with tender and painful energy, and I left feeling more connected with everything around me. Normally I'd feel overwhelmed but she facilitated an openness that felt peaceful and aligned. Although this was my first time meeting Mona, her incredibly accurate readings make me think otherwise. Truly a friendly and intuitive healer worth visiting.

Golfam Kia

I’ve had a great experience with Mona each and every time I’ve seen her. She is warm, kind and experienced.

I have attended multiple sound baths with her and have always left with a sense of calm. That’s the energy she gives you when you meet her. On some occasions she had us draw a card from a deck and spent time with each and every person (about 12) reading the card, sharing her intuitive thoughts and what it represented for each of us without rushing in any way. She is very patient and informative.

The sessions I had with Mona were my first introduction to reiki and sound baths and she has always been open and welcoming of any questions I had. I’m hooked and you will be too!

Lisa Buono

I recently attended The New moon sound bath and reiki healing circle. What a wonderful experience it was. Mona is a very gifted soul. She has a calmness and genuine warmth that immediately makes you feel comfortable in her surroundings. Highly recommend this experience!!

Arlene Logan

I just had a Tarot and Oracle Card reading today with Mona. I am very impressed how kind , thoughtful and beautiful she is. I was at the right time and place and knew this is where I needed to be. I was in tears when I went to have my reading done. Did some deep breathing, She was patient , kind and very respectful. I was open to what I need to hear what was said to me. When the reading was over I was back on track. I am so very grateful. Mona, Thankyou. I will be seeing her again. Namaste

Geoff Chen

Mona is an amazing healer with a beautiful soul.

Her energy is so calm, friendly, yet powerful. She can reset or piece back the energy by her sound baths, totally gifted.

Highly recommended to anyone who needs healing or relaxing energy.


I had the most uplifting and beautiful intuitive tarot reading with Mona. She is a true and gifted healer, with such loving and compassionate energy. The messages she channeled for me were so accurate and resonated immediately, and her interpretations of the cards I pulled and the messages she brought forth filled me up with courage and trust of the path I’m meant to lead.  I felt truly “seen” by her. She also followed up with some resources to further assist with my healing and opening up to my gifts. Thank you, Mona, for this beautiful experience.

Mona was an amazing energy worker.

My friend and I had booked a session with Mona and both of us walked out filed with so much calm and reassurance. She was not only a beautiful soul but also a beautiful energy.

She provided us with some great guidance. Also provided us a full write up of what our energies told her during our session.

10/10 would recommend anyone who has never tried Reiki to see Mona. Will definitely be going back.

My session with Mona was absolutely transformative. Mona's expertise and guidance allowed me to dig deep into my thoughts and emotions, and together we uncovered some powerful insights. I felt supported and understood throughout the entire session, and I left feeling empowered and ready to make positive changes in my life. I am grateful for the incredible breakthroughs I experienced during our session, and I can't wait to continue working with Mona to further my personal growth journey.

Hermia Lee

Mona is truly a earth angel with special gifts. I have had intuitive tarot card reading and past life regression and healing session,. Both were insightful and guided me to unravel some of the obstacles I was experiencing. I left my sessions feeling hopeful and motivated to enjoy life again. There isn't enough words to explain the experience. Mona is compassionate and truly cares about the outcome of her clients. I definitely will be seeing Mona again to further enhance my journey to healing.


Elnaz Karimi

I had never tried Reiki before Mona. I must say I am glad my first experience was with her. She is very patient and kind. We have had few sessions of Reiki and I must say I felt very calm and energized.I loved it so much that decided to continue and become activated. She was very thorough explaining the next steps and providing sources that I could go back to, if need be.
I highly recommend her if you are looking for an unforgettable experience.

Mahmoud Ansari

I joined a sound bath/Reiki session led by Mona, and it was truly fantastic and I really enjoyed it.The energy she created and her calming presence made the session truly special. I highly recommend her!

Melody O

met Mona during a Moon sound bath and was instantly drawn to her energy. Then due to some life circumstances where I was at a crossroad, I was called to seek her for guidance. She was able to accurately explain some details and characteristics of the people I needed readings for and she helped me with clarity and guidance. Thank you Mona ❤️ you are an Earth Angel. Many blessings to you 💕

Audrey H

I’ve had reiki done before but didn’t feel it had any effect. Mona changed my mind. She is gifted, honest, generous with her time and truly cares about your progress. I’m glad I gave it another shot! I will be coming back as my healing journey progresses

I am very glad I met Mona. She almost stood like a light house to me in uncertain situations. I still schedule sessions with her and they are always profoundly insightful and helpful

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