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Mystical Rei Healing

A Natural Way to Heal


Healing The Mind, Body and Soul

I am an intuitive Reiki Therapist specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address and treat the root causes of each illness, and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. By connecting to my patients intuitively, I am able to receive messages and guidance to best assist them on their healing journey.

Sessions include therapy, guidance and tools to work with each day to become the best version of yourself!


Reiki Healing

Reiki aids in releasing all tension and stress from the body while raising your vibration, leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and renewed. This is a hands-off treatment that assists in removing toxins out of your body, relieves physical pain, heals trauma, wounds and helps create a more fulfilling and positive life. 

Reiki has been used along side modern medical to help in recovery, pain management, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and much more. This beautiful spiritual practice helps open your mind and soul to the magic of the Universe and all its wonder.

With the blend of incense, oils, Reiki and crystals, you will truly feel out of this world!

Tarot and Oracle Reading

We dive into the enchanting world of Tarot to see what is being blocked, what's coming into your life  and what energies currently surround you, how your aura is and what chakras need healing while taping into past lives and any trauma or karma still connected to that lifetime. 

Discover the world of Tarot and all its magic by indulging in a reading of your own!


Reiki with Tarot Reading

In this session, we combine the healing powers of Reiki and the magic of Tarot to bring peace and clarity. We start with a short breathing exercise and some singing bowls to calm the mind and ground our energies. 

After the Reiki, we then dive into the enchanting world of Tarot to see what is being blocked, what's coming into your life  and what energies currently surround you, how your aura is and what chakras need healing while taping into past lives and any trauma or karma still connected to that lifetime. 

If you're feeling stuck, Tarot is a wonderful way of connecting to get clarity and bring peace to your mind. Book today and discover the healing powers of Reiki and Tarot, I promise you won't be the same after! 

Akashic Records Soul Journey

This is an intense Reiki session infused with breath-work and meditation to tap into the Akashic records to retrieve information about your souls origins. What powers, gifts, talents and abilities your soul carries within. 

There are a vast number of different types of souls as there are many alternate realities, multiple dimensions, galaxies and enchanting worlds unseen to our human eyes. They can only be experience through the magic of connecting to our senses beyond the physical. 

In this session, we get to know you on a deep soul level, what experiences your souls had, and what your purpose is. As we strip away the layers, we reveal your authentic self and connect to all parts of the soul that got lost and fragmented over time, You will leave feeling renewed, empowered and connected to your true self on a deep intimate level which brings peace, strength, clarity helping increase synchronicities and connection to Source, your Guides, and Angels.

Image by Chris Reyem
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Aura Cleanse and Chakra Alignment

In this session, we use a Pendulum charged for chakras to see what chakras are open, blocked, balanced, or unbalanced. I then cleanse the aura while aligning the chakras, leaving you feeling fresh, open, grounded and light. This is a easy way to clear our energy from all we have picked up from others and release all that no longer belongs.

Your chakras all correlate to different organs in the body and aid in the functioning of your physical body, when blockages happen within the chakras it doesn't allow energy to flow to that area or surrounding areas resulting in physical illnesses.

Be mindful and co-create your reality by maintaining a high vibration and a clean Aura.


Recent Testimonials

Patient Feedback

Over the course of several Reiki sessions with a few tarot sprinkled in, Mona has managed to ignite a fire in my soul that has altered my perception of the world unfolding around me. I was very new to spiritual work and didn't know what to expect going into my first session, but Mona guided me through some challenging elements that I had been stuck on and provided me with the tools to continue this work between sessions.

If you are even remotely curious about her services, or energetic healing in general, I highly encourage you to arrange an initial sessions with her. she has guided me to heal parts of me that I didn't even realize were in need of healing. Mona has without a doubt changed the course of my life and I thank my lucky stars for her every damn day.

Kylee B

This was an absolute life-changing session. Mona is great would be an understatement. She treats you like a friend and doesn't put a time cap on her sessions. 
There is cleansing, therapy, and a reading all included with laughs, smiles and absolutely no judgement and tons of understanding. Her energy is amazing and is excellent with Reiki. I felt light and felt my blocks removed instantly. I recommend her and definitely will keep seeing her. Her understanding and take on spirituality is incredible and explains it so well.


This was my first time experiencing Reiki and I had such an amazing time. Mona explained everything before we began and made me feel comfortable about the process and what to expect. I have tried different forms of meditations and breathing exercises but this was nothing like it!
I could actually feel the energy flowing to and from and felt each chakra's vibrations so vividly, especially my third eye. 
The journey with Mona is something everyone needs to experience. I highly recommend!

Brett M

Where do I start? I cannot say enough good things about Mona and her work. When Mona is in a room you instantly feel her energy, there is a sense of calmness, assurance and light. I asked Mona to host an energy healing evening for myself and some friends which included sound bath, reiki and oracle card reading. Mona was able to really channel and work closely with a few of the girls that really needed guidance. 
She was able to provide clarity on the past, and bring healing and relief in the present and future. Your session with Mona doesn't end there, she also provides you with steps to work with and incorporate in your day to day so that you continue this path of healing and understanding. I have known Mona for a few years now and this is her path, she is so passionate in what she does that if reflects immensely in her work.

Tash N

I have been struggling for a long while now with clouded thoughts and major head pain, been to multiple doctors with nothing working only pills being pushed. Mona has been the biggest blessing in my life, she is truly amazing at what she does. I've seen her only a few times now and I feel the best I have felt in 3 years. 
Mona is extremely intuitive and really is able to get down to the root of what's going on and help to heal. Everything I have experienced with her, tarot reading, oracle readings, singing bowls, reiki healing and chakra clearing has been absolutely life changing and extremely accurate. 
My last sessions with Mona, now that I have been working with her and following her instructions my chakras have slowly started to open. I was actually able to see her energy transfer during my session. I saw beautiful pink hearts exploding into another heart and realized after the session she was drawing hearts in the air and transferring to me. To see that was an amazing experience for both her an I. such a break through on how I have been feeling. I am so excited to continue this amazing journey with Mona. 
I would highly recommend Mona to anyone without hesitation.


Mona has a beautiful talent for healing. Her intuition and knowledge is evident and her kind, fun and gentle personality brings ease to her sessions. I have had multiple Reiki sessions and Tarot readings over the past months, her Reiki sessions have alleviated acute headaches and have always made me feel lighter and renewed. Within her Tarot readings, she shows a level of compassion and empathy that is undoubtable. The message that comes through is exactly what I need to hear which, she delivers in a gentle but firm manner.
Thank you Mona for your healing!

Carlee G

Mona explored my many curiosities and affirmed what it is that I find of the greatest of joys in my life. To anyone seeking to be curious and wonder, Mona is an incredible, respectful, informing presence and healer to begin with.

Sam M