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Healing The Mind, Body and Soul

I am an intuitive Reiki Therapist specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address and treat the root causes of each illness, and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. I connect with my patients intuitively through my psychic senses to get messages and guidance to best assist them in their healing journey.

I create a safe and loving space for us to connect, talk through triggers, resolve trauma and take steps needed to heal the mind, body and soul. 

Sessions include therapy, life guidance and tools to work with each day to become the best version of yourself!

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Reiki Healing

Reiki aids in releasing all tension and stress from the body while raising your vibration, leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and renewed. This is a hands-off treatment that assists in removing toxins out of your body, relieves physical pain, heals trauma, wounds and helps create a more fulfilling and positive life. 

Reiki has been used along side modern medical to help in recovery, pain management, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and much more. This beautiful spiritual practice helps open your mind and soul to the magic of the Universe and all its wonder.

With the blend of incense, oils, Reiki and crystals, you will truly feel out of this world!


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Over the course of several Reiki sessions with a few tarot sprinkled in, Mona has managed to ignite a fire in my soul that has altered my perception of the world unfolding around me. I was very new to spiritual work and didn't know what to expect going into my first session, but Mona guided me through some challenging elements that I had been stuck on and provided me with the tools to continue this work between sessions.

If you are even remotely curious about her services, or energetic healing in general, I highly encourage you to arrange an initial sessions with her. she has guided me to heal parts of me that I didn't even realize were in need of healing. Mona has without a doubt changed the course of my life and I thank my lucky stars for her every damn day.

Kylee B