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Healing With A Mystical Twist

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I am an intuitive Reiki Therapist specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address and treat the root causes of each illness, and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. By connecting to my patients intuitively, I am able to receive messages and guidance to best assist them on their healing journey.

Sessions include therapy, guidance and tools to work with each day to become the best version of yourself!



Reiki aids in releasing all tension and stress from the body while raising your vibration, leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and renewed. 

It has been used along side modern medical to help in recovery, pain management, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and much more. This beautiful spiritual practice helps open your mind and soul to the magic of the Universe.

With the blend of incense, essential oils, and crystals, you will truly feel out of this world!

Acupressure Neck Massage


Do you suffer from neck tension, shoulder pain and headaches?
Give your body and mind some relief with this neck and head massage infused with Reiki and essential oils. 
This deep Reiki massage will  leave you feeling relaxed, loose and healed. This is especially helpful to those who get migraines, suffer from anxiety, have sore shoulders and neck pain.
This service can be added on after any other service or just on its own.



Energy read into your aura, chakras and shifts happening around you. This reading is to bring forth clarity and insight into your own energy. We focus on what needs to be healed, past lives, current events and energy and how to integrate the guidance that came through.

Reading sessions include the use of charms, and cards while infusing reiki to bring peace, healing and release.

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In this session, we combine the healing powers of Reiki and the magick of Tarot to bring peace and clarity. We start with a short breathing exercise and some singing bowls to calm the mind and ground our energies. 

After the Reiki, we then dive into the enchanting world of Tarot to see what is being blocked, what's coming into your life  and what energies currently surround you, how your aura is and what chakras need healing while taping into past lives and any trauma or karma still connected to that lifetime. 

If you're feeling stuck, Tarot is a wonderful way of connecting to get clarity and bring peace to your mind. Book today and discover the healing powers of Reiki and Tarot, I promise you won't be the same after! 

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The Akashic library is where all of our soul’s experiences are recorded and kept, every contract, every connection, all life experiences and all our lessons, every deed and every “mistake”. By tapping into this realm, we can access past lives including lives on all other dimensions outside of Earth, what gifts and abilities you carry within from each of those lives. 

This session infused with Reiki allows healing and relaxation while opening the doors to the library making space to integrate all gifts, talents and experiences from those previous lives. By exploring these realms, we create room to connect deeper with our soul and all its many layers bringing peace, harmony and alignment within, making us whole and grounded. It’s vital to understand our souls blueprint and to have knowledge about our past lives and what experiences we’ve had so we can best assert ourselves to break free from patterns, karma, and ancestral trauma. 



Sound has been used since ancient time to heal, relax, to uplift the spirit and to calm the mind. Through sound, we are able to move energy within the body, reduce stress, unblock and balance chakras and promote physical healing.

With a mixture of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes and gongs infused with Reiki, you will be taken on a journey out of this world and right into your soul. 

These sessions are only available through White Lotus Divine Healing. I offer New Moon and Full Moon Reiki infused Sound Baths as well as private sessions.

Harnessing the potent energy of the Moon and invoking the powers of Reiki to bring healing, tranquility, peace and transformation while releasing all that no longer resonates and manifesting all my dreams and wishes with a fire ritual using the element of divine spark to ignite our dreams into life 

Come join me each Moon phase to honour yourself, to connect with like minded individuals on the same journey and to get lost in the mesmerizing sounds of the crystal singing bowls. 

New / Full Moon Sound Bath $40 

30 Minute Private Session $70

1 HR Private Session $120

To book please visit

Astrological signs on ancient clock Torre dell'Orologio, Venice, Italy. Medieval Zodiac wh


Astrology can relieve many layers of ourselves, our karma, our destiny, our patterns, and an insight into our soul.

We are all made of stardust, and are intertwined with the cosmos, every planet plays a profound role in each of our lives in a multitude of ways. 

Explore the world of the stars, and planets through your own unique chart. Get insight into how the alignments of each planet affects your personality, your health, your evolution and the way you naturally navigate this life. By learning about our chart we can use the energies of the different planets to best guide, benefit and support us through our journey on earth.

This reading will cover your Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto placements, and your South and North Nodes, the sign they’re in and the house they’re occupying. This is an introduction into Astrology giving you information into your how your mind works, how you assert your energy, the way you love, your past life karma, patterns and your destiny in this life. Bringing clarity, understanding and awareness of oneself and the experiences chosen for this lifetime.

Readings will be sent via email in a booklet format so you can keep for yourself and refer back to it as needed.

Connect to your Star roots with this cosmic reading ✨

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