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Healing With A Mystical Twist

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I am an intuitive Seichim Reiki Master specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address and treat the root causes of each illness, and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. By connecting to my patients intuitively, I am able to receive messages and guidance to best assist them on their healing journey.

Sessions include therapy, guidance and tools to work with each day to become the best version of yourself!

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Heal naturally with this ancient powerful practice

Seichim is a form of Universal energy that was originally used for healing purposes in Ancient Egypt, and was practiced by the Mayan civilization. This energy heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a focus on the heart centre. It is similar to Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level. 

Transform your life, mind, body and soul with Seichim Reiki. This spiritual practice awakens the soul, calms the mind, while healing and relaxing the body. During the session you will be taken on a journey to the depths of your soul, creating space to explore, heal and discover new aspects of yourself, while allowing integration to take place. This opens up the door to great transformation, expansion, and empowerment.

The feminine power of Seichim balances the masculine energy of Reiki. Seichim can completely balance and harmonise a persons physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies while Reiki aids in releasing all tension and stress from the body while raising your vibration, leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and renewed. 

Reiki has been used along side modern medical to help in recovery, pain management, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and much more. 



Discovery your soul through the world of Charms, Cards and Angels

Energy read into your aura, chakras and shifts happening around you. This reading is to bring forth clarity and insight into your own energy. We focus on what needs to be healed, past lives, current events and energy, and how to integrate the guidance that came through.

I work with Ascended Masters, your Ancestors, Guides, Angels and Archangels and whatever other energies that want to come through to best guide you on your journey. Readings are always meant to heal. bring clarity, peace, and allow transformation to take place as needed. 

Reading sessions include the use of charms, and cards while infusing reiki to bring peace, healing and release.



Lose yourself in healing frequencies

Sound bath infused with the healing powers of Reiki to awaken the soul, calm the mind, heal the body and open the heart. With the combination of Reiki and the crystal singing bowls you will be taken on a journey to the depths of your soul, creating space to explore, heal and discover new aspects of yourself. Reiki aids in releasing all tension and stress from the body while raising your vibration, leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and renewed, combined with the singing bowls it allows space for deep transformation to take place. 

These sessions are only available through White Lotus Divine Healing. I offer New Moon and Full Moon Reiki infused Sound Baths as well as private sessions.

Come join me each Moon phase to honour yourself, to connect with like minded individuals on the same journey and to get lost in the mesmerizing sounds of the crystal singing bowls. 

To book please visit



Activation of Reiki within the body so it may be channeled for healing.


Attunements are required to activate the flow of Reiki in the healer. These attunements may be used to self heal or heal others, each level has a different attunement to be activated, and with each level you are able to tap into deeper states and higher frequencies, exploring the world of Reiki through expansion of the mind, body, and soul. 

There are three levels of Reiki, the first level focuses on self healing, the second level is the practitioner level where you are able to hold enough space to heal others as well as yourself, and  the last being the Masters allowing the healer to not only heal but to teach and attune others to the energy of Reiki. 

These sessions include a full chakra and aura cleanse with Reiki before activation of the attunemt. 

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