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What are Starseeds? Where do they come from? And how to know if you are one.

We truly are made of stardust and have a special connection to the cosmos and stars.

We are the whole universe rolled up in a human shell, full of power, ancient knowledge and wisdom, rich in strength, and born with protection from the unseen world of Angels, Guides and Masters. Learning about our history, where our soul comes from, what gifts we have can greatly influence and enhance our earthly lives, bringing magick and miracles into our world.

Starseeds are multidimensional beings who reincarnate on Earth from other dimensions in our solar system such as Lyran, Lemuria, Pleiades, Sirius, Atlantis, and  Andromedan to name a few.

These advanced beings are here on very specific missions involving the evolution of mankind, Earth and the universe, they carry unique gifts, abilities and have different ways of being that are meant to bring massive change, transformation and help shift humanity for the greatest good. They are all healers in their own way, bringing forth new ideas and different ways of healing through art, communication, therapy, Reiki, music, and with their self expression which will be very important to all Starseeds as they are born to stand out and be different than the rest of the world. It is important to remember this when dealing with any type of Starseed, they will be stubborn in expressing themselves the way they want, it is literally one of their life missions so if your child is one, please embrace and encourage their unique style and personality, they’re changing the world by simply being themselves.

Starseeds are souls who don’t come to Earth unless they are a mission and their lives run on an entirely different timeline than other people. They have bodies that have light codes within them which become activated at different phases on their Earth journey. Light codes carry the memory of our soul’s many journeys to Earth and other realms as well as our soul’s blueprint for this lifetime including our life purpose. When these begin to activate within the Starseeds, they become aware and connect to each memory on a deeper level. When these codes get activated, they begin to download their gifts from past lives and other dimensions, and slowly begin to upgrade their human body to their light body. When this stage of the journey starts, the DNA begins to transform from its limited 2 strand DNA to an unlimited 12 strand DNA, allowing instant manifestations to take place, for self healing to be present in the physical body at all times, creating space for energy to be used for accessing other realms, dimensions, channeling and healing while being grounded here on Earth.

These spiritual beings are strong in their beliefs and aren’t afraid to fight for any cause they feel drawn to, they don’t conform. They are born into many dysfunctional families and environments to help with growth, strength, power and to bring healing into that lineage. Their life path is very difficult with many challenges, tests, and much upheaval, their younger years and youth will be the most difficult, they will be insecure, not able to fit into any environment or resonate with many people on a deep level which will leave them feeling alienated. They signed on to have many experiences that are uncomfortable. Self love will be a challenge but also a very important part of the journey this lifetime as each Starseed no matter what their individual mission, is on a collective mission of unconditional love and spreading love and light into the world and that all begins with Self love and self healing.

Starseeds come from higher frequency dimensions and their connection to Source is much stronger than many allowing them to bring massive changes into this world as needed. These dimensions operate on a 5th-12th frequency while Earth is only a 3rd dimension frequency, which is very dense for these higher advanced souls, so they have a hard time adjusting to Earth and its strange ways of operating and all the oppression, separation, greed, and the treatment of Mother Earth and its animal kingdom. They come from realms that operate on unconditional love, support, collective thinking and operating from the heart, unity and oneness. Their soul carries this within them, making it difficult to understand the state of this world and how humans treat each other. They don’t do well with authority and taking orders from those they don’t know or trust. They have their own guidance system which they trust over any government, or authority on this planet. Being able to see past the illusions of this world makes it impossible for them to trust the government or any authority. They have clear knowing of what is right and wrong and they are not afraid to make it known. They came here to break down systems that are outdated, only when they awaken from their sleep, they tap into their ancient knowledge, wisdom and power that allows them to break down the systems and rebuild with different ways of operating which will able to assist humanity in a sustainable manner.

Self discovery is key in this lifetime, unlocking their past powers and integrating them in this lifetime, each of them have mastered lessons, and have advanced gifts to share with the collective to help with ascension. I can’t stress how important it is to find out more about your star origins and what you carry within you, who your ancestors are and how to best work with them to help support your journey to empowerment and ascension. For many, this is your last lifetime as a human, you are going to going through hell to create heaven on Earth. Most will be drawn to Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Tarot, Spirituality, Reiki, Yoga, Mystical creatures such as Mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons, and Faeries. They have strong ties to Ascended Masters, Archangels Angels and the spirit world. These passions are not random and they serve a greater purpose in your mission.

Learning to invoke Gods, Goddesses, and your spirit team will help with unraveling the mysteries of your life.

So Starseeds sound pretty cool, now how do you figure out if you are one.

If you are the black sheep of your family, have always felt like an outcast and like you don’t fit in this world. If you have a feeling of belonging somewhere else and have felt it since you were a child. You have a vivid imagination and have a challenging life with a family that doesn’t seem to understand you. Highly sensitive and empathic, usually have a phase of numbing and turning off your emotions in this world due to feeling too much and not knowing how to deal with such intense feelings. Finding your voice and speaking your truth is important to you and life will keep pushing you into speaking your truth and expressing yourself more loudly with passion and fearlessness.

Highly intelligent with a sharp mind made for solving problems and creating resolutions, but often will be suffer from ADHD, Dyslexia or some form of learning and communication disability. Their brain operates differently as most will be born with their feminine and masculine polarities balanced and in harmony which won’t make sense in this world as it’s only operating from a masculine mindset and energy. So when they come into this world operating from both energies, it becomes confusing for people creating misunderstandings, inability to communicate effectively causing disruptions in connections with others. They crave freedom above all, freedom to be, freedom to travel, freedom to express and explore. They have a knowing that this world is not real and that it’s their last lifetime so they want to live to the fullest, wanting to experience and experiment with everything. They have natural healing auras and calm energy, no matter their external physical body, people will often be drawn to them for healing and to talk. They tend to attract all types of people and have an easy time connecting on a deep level very quickly with others when guided to and if they feel a pull to the person. They came to form their own connections and to find their soul tribe. They are triggering to others who have not healed and will not be able to resonate with most people, making it hard to maintain friendships and relationships. They live unconventional lives testing the boundaries of systems in this strange world helping bring a fresh perspective.

Starseeds are a vital part of the collective ascension as they are helping transmute, heal, and change unhealthy patterns, karma, and trauma that we have carried in our DNA for far too long. This has weighed us down and kept us on a lower frequency, with all the Starseeds currently on Earth, we are shifting and evolving more than we have ever before in human history, with all the high vibrational beings assisting humanity we are raising the frequency of Earth from 3D to 5D creating heaven on Earth, allowing for instant manifestation. Starseeds carry powerful energy that is able to shift the whole world when they are in their power. To tap into their full powers, they must heal all trauma, begin unravelling their ancestral karma, doing shadow work, and focusing on self love. Their most important mission to find alignment and to be in their highest frequency at all times, this is the best way to uplift everyone and to push others around you into self healing and raising their vibration which is the base of any mission they came to serve. If you still question your souls orgins, know that if this post found you, you are one of these special souls changing the world be simply being you! Keep shining your light and spreading love! This world needs you and your sacred energy and special frequency. You are important and you matter more than you could ever being to imagine. Do not dim your light, you are a star, you came to shine light into a world so dark.

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