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New Earth and The Age of Aquarius

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Do you feel the great big shift?

Are you in alignment with New Earth and this glorious time in history?

Let's talk about New Earth, what is to be expected, and how we are shifting and moving into this new magical world full of higher love and abundance.

I'm sure you are all well aware of the shifts in the world as a collective, all the corruption that is being exposed to us and all the foundations that are crumbling to make room for the new and better.

We have been preparing for this moment in time since 2012, when the big shift took place and the wheels were set in motion. Everything we have been doing since then as a collective was to prepare and be ready for all that is happening in the world currently.

Earth has been in danger for some time now, but because Earth is the only dimension with free will, we have been left to our own devices and as you can see, we are slowly killing ourselves and everything else on this beautiful planet. That is why we are in this great pandemic, if you look at the big picture, you will realise this time was set up for us to retreat and heal as a collective and to give Gaia some time to do the same, as we are deeply connected on an energetic level. Whatever we do to Earth, we do to ourselves, we get our air, food and medicine all from nature. That is how closely we are connected, one would not exist without the other.

So now what is New Earth and what can we expect from this new age?

As of December 21st 2020, we entered New Earth officially, which means we ascended from 3D to 5D. 5D is just another dimension, it is higher in frequency, based on unconditional love, support, collective consciousness, unity, and balance of the Feminine and Masculine energies within all of us.

How exciting! I know! how lucky are we to be here and a part of this truly magical time in history. Earth will never been the same after all this, we will be living more from our heart center, less from ego, we will be awakening to our connection to the Divine and our Higher Selves as we heal and connect more to our own soul and true path in this life. As a collective, for all those who have chosen to ascend, we have been shedding our old skin, killing our ego, facing our shadow selves and purging all old beliefs, and conditioning so we can integrate the new frequencies and energies upgrading in our physical and astral bodies. We have all been doing deep soul work, ending intense karmic cycles, releasing all low vibrational attachments and energies over the course of the past 8 years and now we get to bask in the bliss of all our hard work!

With this new Age, we will be working towards more natural health and remedies, better school systems to support all different types of learning, more creativity and arts, and many progressive and innovative technology and systems. Many of these old outdated systems will crumble to be rebuilt with new ways of operating. Our focus will shift from material pursuits to more humanitarian pursuits, after all Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and all things unconventional. We have many Starseeds, Lightworkers and Ascended Masters here helping in shifting and raising of humanity's vibration and consciousness.

The 9-5 job won't be fulfilling any longer, our superficial relationships won't uphold no more, our karmic connections will start to break and we will be pushed into our soul mission with full force. We will live more authentically, with less judgement and prejudice. We will be more compassionate, empathic, and sensitive to ourselves, others, nature, and all other living beings. We will be pushed to let go of what no longer serves us without much time to drag it on, the Universe will intervene as this is all Divinely guided and orchestrated so we don't have much choice but to do the work necessary.

This new Earth will not be burdened with judgement, racism, greed, hate and corruption, that is why all of this is coming up now to be healed and dealt with on a global level once and for all. We are putting an end to all the oppression, shame, guilt and greed that has been ongoing since the Piscean Age. We will be living free, open, honest and be more true to ourselves.

This time right now is the birthing stage and it will be tough, it will test our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical abilities to cope with the death of what once was and the integrating of all the new that is entering. How we handle this bit of the journey will greatly impact our place in New Earth. This is a time of deep healing, transformation, and purging of all that no longer serves you or humanity. We need to shed all that to be light so we can upgrade our bodies to these new frequencies, all this is done so we can once again create Heaven on Earth. With the help of all the light beings that have reincarnated at this time, we are moving into a new reality full of infinite possibilities and potential.

The Age of Aquarius is all about regaining our individual power back and creating our own reality based on our soul's desire. An Astrological age shifts happens about every 2160 years or so, with this one being the biggest one yet! Age of Aquarius will be focused on breaking down and rebuilding of all old systems of the Piscean Age which kept us oppressed and segregated. In the upcoming months and years, we will slowly start to build a world that will benefit all humans, nature, and all other living beings and repair the damage done to Earth with our greed and selfishness. Until all the dust settles and we can see things clearly, it is best to go within and do inner work to help with this transition so we can all enjoy the freedom that this new world promises. So plant those seeds and tend to your garden, watch it bloom with new life in this magical time.

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