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Dark Night of the Soul

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Are you feeling lost and alone?

Feel like you have lost all faith and hope in yourself and humanity?

Has your whole world come crashing down around you?

Are you left confused, in a haze, feeling depressed and full of anxiety?

You might be going through "the dark night of the soul".

What is Dark night of the Soul?

What happens during this transition

and how you can navigate through this painful time.

The dark night of the soul is a stage in spiritual development where we undergo an ego death and a total crumbling of our old lives and self. It is the beginning stage of the spiritual awakening and it can happen spontaneously, with the guidance of a spiritual teacher or some traumatic experience can trigger it. During this dark time, we come face to face with all our hidden "demons". We are pushed into our shadow side and begin to reflect on our behaviour, habits, patterns and all conditioning placed on us by our parents, environment, and society. In order to have a new and changed perspective on life, ourselves and the universe, we must go through an ego death to see the world through new eyes, this is what this transition is all about. As we begin to strip away layers of conditioning, we begin to experience hidden trauma, wounds, experiences and parts of ourselves we have not faced. Through experiencing the dark night of the soul, we are gifted with a chance to reborn, this is a truly divine experience. We are being opened to our true authentic self which is full of universal love, abundance, and joy. The dark night of the soul is similar to being in the womb right before being born, you have no idea what's waiting for you on the other side!

When this transition is triggered within us, it is similar to depression, but it is experienced within the soul, rather than an imbalancement in the brain. During this time, we lose our motivation, sense of purpose, our identity and personality starts dying, all we have ever known is striped away from us and we are left bare with emotions and feelings that we didn't know even know existed within us. This hits hard because many of us are not awoke and are not in conscious connection with ourselves and our soul, so when this happens it is like being dead on all levels expect for the physical which can be very hard and painful. You don't resonate with anyone or anything you used to, everything and everyone feels strange, you feel out of place in the world. As your world begins to spiral out of control, your soul will bring to surface all past pain, trauma to be healed and you are faced with your own ego in a very deep way. Sounds fun right? IT is NOT, but just hang in there, it won't last forever, what's on the horizon is so worth the pain and darkness we must first experience.

By purging and releasing all that no longer resonates, you make space for the new you to slowly merge and come to light. This new you is aligned to your higher self and source more than ever before!

The pain is meant to push you inward to deeply explore your soul and shadow self so you can heal all old conditioning and old beliefs, it awakens you to your true capacity and strength. It is the biggest rebirth you will experience, as you realize all that once mattered does not matter anymore, such as, money, status, your job and all other false foundations in our lives. It forces you to be authentic and stay true to you and your path. This transition can take a while or be a short period of time, it all depends on your soul growth and how fast you start applying all the new changes into your life, it definitely is not an over night transformation, don't be fooled by the name!

The different signs of "the dark night of the soul"

You feel powerlessness, confused, unbalanced, and at war with yourself most of the time, battling between the old you and the new you trying to merge

You feel a deep sense of despair, which is triggered by the new state of your life, and humanity in general, you are more sensitive to the pain of the world and all the suffering

You have the feeling of being lost forever or staying in this frightening state and never being "normal" again

You lose interest and lack passion for things that once excited you and you begin to disconnect from familiar people and environments as new energies, places and people resonate with you more

Your will and self-control is weakened, you will being losing control of your once organized normal life

You have a longing for a distant place that you don't even know or a longing to “return home” again

Once the worst is behind you and you have ascended into higher frequencies and healed through all that ancestral trauma, you will start to align with your soul path while still being tested spiritually for further growth and evolution. The tests, triggers and soul work never end once you're on this path, you soul will continue to push you to grow, expand and evolve through tests and challenges, so hang on tight and get ready for the bumpiest ride of your life!

It will be easier to navigate the rough waters if you start connecting to your higher self through meditation, yoga, breathwork, journaling and anything else that grounds and centers you. There's lots of information on this and what to expect, so start reading and gaining knowledge. It will be hard on your body and mind, it will feel like you are going crazy and have no control over anything in your life, it's okay, let go and surrender. It is about to get so much better! This rebirth will be the greatest experience of your life, for all that happens after is truly magical and out of this world!

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