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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What is an Empath?

Empaths are beings who are sensitive to energy, they can feel and experience other people’s emotions and thoughts as their own. They are born with souls deeply connected to everything, are highly intuitive, psychic, sensitive and capable of profound healing. Empaths have a magnetic energy, people either love them or hate them as they can often times trigger people’s unhealed issues to surface by just simply being in their presence. They will say and do things that trigger people on the deepest level without even realizing it, this is just their energy, they are meant to mirror back to you all that is unhealed so you can heal it through them. This is why healed Empaths are all loners and have a small group of friends and trusted ones, as connections with people become very hard to maintain if people are triggered by you all the time.

Empaths are deeply connected to the Earth, plants, animals, and the collective energy, so if they are not empowered and healed, they will always be tired and depleted. Animals are very healing for Empaths and they are drawn to each other easily. There are many different types of Empaths and each have their own unique gifts and abilities.

They have a healing presence so they draw to them all those that need healing. The first thing to know about Empaths is that they feel everything!!

You cannot fake your energy around them which makes it difficult for them to be around people and difficult for people to be around them. They need a lot of time alone to recharge and get grounded. They are easily overwhelmed by large crowds and easily pick up other people’s energy, emotions, thoughts and this is unbearable for them so they avoid large crowds for the most part. It is so hard to explain what this actually feels like unless you experience this and are aware of it. Empaths pick up energy through their Solar Plexus Chakra so often times if they enter a negative environment, they will get stomachaches, and tension in the abdominal area along with anxiety out of nowhere and sense the shift in energy right away.

We live in a society that is so superficial and so conditioned, people have lost all empathy and have lost touch with their emotions, so being an Empath in a world full of unhealed humans projecting their hate and trauma on others is a nightmare! Because Empaths are able to naturally heal and transmute energy, people can sense this and tend to project all their shit onto them all the time....Fun right?

IT CAN be wonderful as you are able to bring peace and healing to all those who come across you, and that truly is a superpower! you should embrace this and love it. When you are a healed Empath, life can be beautiful, you learn to understand life and people at a level most cannot comprehend which gives you so much power. You have the power to manipulate energy and turn negative into positive at all times.

This is why it is so crucial to do self healing so you can raise your vibration and transmute all that negative energy into positive energy and spread that vibration to others, which in turn helps heal others. So in healing yourself, you are always helping heal the whole collective and what is more important than that. Being an Empath comes with responsibilities, for the power you have been given is truly a gift and requires you to assist in healing not just yourself but all of humanity. You did not come with this gift to willow in self pity, hurt and trauma. All the battles, challenges, hardships and breakdowns were set up to build you to be your most empowered self. All Empaths are natural healers and if you have a healing energy you will be tested and required to first prove you can heal yourself on all levels, then you may gain access to all your wonderful gifts and talents to begin healing the world.

Being an Empath is truly a blessing once you learn how to work with energy and how to discern your own energy from others. This is so much easier said than done, when you feel so much and on such a deep level, it becomes almost impossible to separate yourself from people and situations, because it is against your nature to disconnect. This is the hardest part of it all but with mindfulness, lots of soul searching, meditation, connecting to your Higher Self and your Guides, you will get to know your own frequency and energy from others. You will begin to understand you cannot save everyone, and that everyone has lessons to learn and experiences to gain all on their own without you saving them. As you heal more and more, you begin to feel without attaching, love without conditions and codependency, and learn to see pain in others and the world without it consuming all of you.

Everything in the Universe is energy and frequency and when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, that’s when you start changing your reality. That is the gift of being an Empath, you have the natural gift of transmuting energy, healing and manifesting and there’s nothing more powerful than that. An empowered Empath is a force to be reckoned with!

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