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Kundalini Energy and Awakening

Updated: May 12, 2023

What is the Kundalini Energy?

And how is it activated?

Kundalini is the life force energy that we all have within us, but it is dormant until you activiate it through practices or sometimes life activates it for you through trauma. It is represented as a serpent coiled around the first Chakra ( the root Chakra ) at the base of the spine. Once the serpent is awoke, it then activates the 7 Chakras and flows though clearing and unblocking all stagnant energy. It brings about your spiritual enlightenment, activates your spiritual gifts and opens up your third eye which allows you see past illusions of this physical world. You will then go through your Kundalini awakening which will shake up your whole world and upgrade your body to new levels of frequency through major purging and releasing of all you have ever known.

The kundalini awakening is painful, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, because you are being cleansed and purified from the inside which can make the shifts you experience traumatic and confusing as your whole world is flipped upside down. All unhealed, suppressed trauma will start to come up to be healed. You will feel the need to make radical changes in your life including jobs, environment, relationships, passions and much more. If you choose not to make the changes required, the Universe will then intervene, hit you with tower moments and make the changes for you. Once you surrender, signs, numbers and sychrnoncities begin to appear in your life and things start to flow with more ease. Your perspective begins to change, you become more aware, more empathic as you raise your vibration and frequency. As this happens you start to disconnect more with humanity and connect more with nature and animals. This can be especially hard for those who have always been social as you will become more of a hermit and more sensitive to energy so you won’t enjoy the things or people you once did. You begin to question everything and trust your own guidance more than what is being told and shown to you because you have a higher knowing, thanks to that crown chakra clearing. You want to be more of service to humanity, start your mission work, your connection with the Divine, nature and animals becomes stronger while your connection to people becomes harder to maintain. You will begin to enjoy solitude, your own thoughts and energy more, making it harder to resonate with most people. People, jobs, situations or even the place you live, and anything else no longer resonating with your new frequency will start to make its way out of your life. This is the rebirth of the new you, the real you under all the conditioning and limitations!

Once the hard part of the awakening is over and done with, it really is a beautiful energy to work with. It connects us to unlimited Universal energy which can help us live more fulfilled lives. It unfortunately remains dormant in many, the Kundalini energy can be activated through mediation, Kundalini yoga, sometimes it is activated by some serious trauma or intercourse with someone whose Kundalini energy is already awakened. There are many physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening which are no fun, but hang in there because it’s about to get so much better!!

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