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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It’s not religion

It’s not controlled

It’s not by any set of rules

It’s your own unique path to soul discovery and enlightenment.

Spirituality is so much more than wearing crystals, doing yoga and meditating. It is the realization that we are more than just our physical bodies and deep soul recognition Spirituality is different for each of us, our journeys and paths to self discovery and enlightenment are all special and unique. Being spiritual means cultivating a bond with the Universe, with your Higher Self, nature and all that is existing all around you. We are come from one Source, and discovering that connection and our divinity is what spirituality is all about. It is a commitment to the Divine and learning how to honour that each and everyday, a daily practice to undoing all the conditioning that society has placed on us. It’s not changing who you are but becoming your true self without ego. Learning to love all the parts that make you whole, the dark and the light. It is awakening to your higher self and connecting with your ancestors, guides and angels. Once you awake there’s no going back to sleep. Enlightenment is not achieved over night, or even years because you are always growing, evolving and becoming a better version of yourself. Spirituality is being true to your soul, speaking your truth even when your voice shakes and following your heart and guidance even when it seems crazy to everyone else.The path to Source requires isolation, deep shadow work, integration of our light and shadow selves, in order to tap into our sovereignty. Remember it is your journey, only you know where your heart is leading you and where your path leads, no one else can take you there. Special souls will meet you on your journey to guide along your way but it is always you and only you that needs to take the steps needed and do the work required to get there.

The Universe is always giving us signs and nudging us where we need to go. Before being born, each of us signed contracts to learn certain lessons and gain certain experiences and we each have a purpose to serve on this planet. You may have a physical vessel but you are Source in human form expressing itself and fulfilling a mission. Religion teaches us that God is outside of us, but with Spirituality you come to learn that God is within each of us. We are all an expression of Source energy and have natural access to Universal energy, granting us the opportunity to co-create our reality.. Religion separates and brings division between us, making us think that we are powerless and that,"God" is charge, not realizing we are all from that Source which we call "God". While spirituality brings us back to oneness, allowing us to see past the illusions of this world and connects us to the collective in a powerful way, which creates space for us to shift in massive ways, evolving as one consciousness.

By taking the time to disconnect from the 3D world and tap into the 5D you will see past all the illusions, and limiting beliefs that are placed in this world. It is done by committing to a daily practice of mindfulness, connecting with your guides and higher self. It requires going against the grain and signing up for a lot of hardship so your soul can grow. The peace and freedom that comes with making this connection and letting your soul guide the way is truly magical and terrifying all at the same time. Once your soul takes over, you lose all control, you actually realize you never had any control you think you do but you don’t. You have free will and can choose what path to take but you can not control any outcomes or who or what comes and goes. That is all up to the Divine, so it is best to release all control and go with the flow of the Universe. Spirit knows what it’s doing more than you do. Spirituality is deeply connecting with your own true self and realizing your soul’s calling, it is putting yourself first ( people think that’s selfish but it is essential to fulfilling what your soul was born to do ). To truly live and be human is to let the ego die and to allow your soul the freedom to shine, to fully express itself through your work, your words, your actions, and all that you do. There is no right path in spirituality, there's only your path which will always be perfect for you, and the evolution of your soul in this current lifetime. So be brave, be different, take the road less travel, pave a new way and leave your mark, your soul is too grand for anything else less!

If Buddha had never left his family and didn’t give up being a Prince, well then we would not have had Buddha or any of his teachings. He gave up becoming king, left his wife and child, gave up all his wealth and possesions to follow his soul’s calling. He had to make that sacrfice to fulfil his soul purpose which was to reach enlightenment so he could share that with the world for years and years to come. He has changed the world with his teachings all because he followed his heart. So always listen to your heart no matter how hard it might be, follow your guidance, stand up for your beliefs and always speak your truth.

The world needs more brave, courageous souls to shine the light for others to follow.

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